Every home tells a story, make sure you not only tell a good one but also live in one! 


Whether you're trying to start a new chapter in your life independently or maybe raise a family of your own in an incredibly family-oriented environment here in Amsterdam, 7 Even Amsterdam got you covered. It's situated right at the heart of our beloved Amsterdam in between the pleasant neighborhood of Overschiestraat and Voorburgstraat where all your basic necessities are readily available and easily accessible. 

Frequent Asked questions?

What is the price range?

The net rents are between 1200 euro - 2100 euro net per month for 2 bedroom apartments

What is included in the apartment

included in your net rent is: - Flooring - painted walls - Kitchen with equipment

What type of rental contract is offered?

We offer open end long stay contracts

When is the completion planned?

The completion is planned for September 2021

What other costs can I expect?

the rental contract comes with service costs. The price of the service costs are tbc

Is there car parking?

Yes, you can rent an indoor parking spot. Make sure you select the checkbox when this is asked in your registration form or contact the rental team at info@7even.amsterdam

What are the income requirements?

The cold rent level can be 40% of your net income maximum

Where can I see the housing list?

You can see the house selector here!

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